Upcoming Battery-Power Demo Event


Battery-powered equipment has improved by leaps and bounds in the last few years and many cities and pro landscapers are now using this equipment exclusively, in yards and office parks and in city parks and public spaces. But many pro landscapers aren’t aware of all the ways battery-powered leaf blowers and other tools are better than yesterday’s gas-powered ones–quieter, easier to maintain, more comfortable to operate all day, with plenty of power, and they don’t contribute to asthma, cardiovascular disease, hearing loss, cancer, etc.

They’ve long been more cost-effective than gas-powered tools, given the lower operational costs, and now with gas prices through the roof for the foreseeable future, they can pay for themselves surprisingly quickly–and after that, it’s higher profits day in and day out.

A big expo and demonstration day is coming up on April 19th, 2022 where pro landscapers, city parks departments, and others will be able to try out the latest equipment from numerous manufacturers. It’s hosted by Gardenland Power Equipment in Campbell. Help kick gas and bring cleaner air to Santa Cruz. Get the details at the link below, and share it with landscapers and friends who use landscape services!

Zero-E Expo 2022

zero-e expo