Santa Cruz C.H.A.S.E. is working to reclaim our city from the ridiculous noise and pollution of gas-powered leaf blowers. There are many different ways to help–please join us and help the cause in any way you can.

When we finally pass the ban, you’ll know you helped to make Santa Cruz a cleaner, saner, and healthier place to live.

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Join our Campaign
Write to the City Council
Endorse the Campaign
Get the Yard/Window Signnow taking orders!
Spread the Word
Write a Letter to the Editor

Join Our Campaign

To get the city council to finally pass a leaf blower ordinance, we’ll need to be able to reach out to our allies and supporters at various points. We can only do this together!

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Write to the City Council

More people are ditching their leaf blowers and asking their landscapers to switch to manual or electric, but for real change, we need to join the scores of other cities and towns across the country and pass a ban on gas-powered leaf blowers in Santa Cruz.

C.H.A.S.E. has been meeting with members of the council, but we won’t see this issue on their agenda until we show them how many residents are passionate about restoring peace to our neighborhoods.

The biggest thing you can do is to write to our councilmembers–and it’s as easy as sending an email.

Just click the link below (which goes to The city forwards emails to this address to each current council member. Then just write a few short paragraphs in your own words, including:

  • Who you are
    • Mention if you live and/or work in Santa Cruz. Maybe mention your street or neighborhood
  • Why we need a ban on gas leaf blowers
    • Has the noise become too much? Do you miss being able to enjoy your own yard? Do you find it hard to work or concentrate at home; does the noise bother your kids when they’re doing their homework? Are you asthmatic or just don’t want to be exposed to toxic emissions on your own property? Share a story about how they impact you and your family
  • That you’d like the council to pass the ban on gas-powered leaf blowers as soon as possible

Endorse the Campaign

Showing the council the level and range of support for ending the use of the loudest and most polluting leaf blowers is key to getting this passed. We are seeking to grow our list of local organizations and individuals with expertise or current or past involvement in the areas of environment, health, education, and labor/equity. The list will help the city council know that this has the support of local scientists, professionals, and practitioners who have experience with the issues and impacts at hand. The current list is here.

If this includes you or someone local you know, please send us your name and title, or send this to the people you have in mind. The list will be sent to council members and posted on our website, and may be included in city council records related to the proposed ordinance.

Please contact us if you would like to see the current draft language of the proposed ordinance; the key provisions are a ban on 1) gas-powered leaf blowers and 2) battery/corded leaf blowers exceeding 65 dB(A) at 50 feet.

If you or your organization is willing to endorse, please email us at

Get the Yard/Window Sign

artist: Carolyn Ramos

Our group’s signs are in yards all over town. Its positive message–“End the Noise, Clear the Air” encourages others not to use friendlier landscaping tools and gets the word out about our campaign to pass a city ordinance.

If you’d like a sign to display in your yard or window, please let us know. Please also let us know if you’re involved with a local business, school, or other organization that would be willing to put a sign in a visible place. There’s a suggested donation of $12 per sign to cover the cost, but for anyone who will post a sign but can’t afford one right now, let us know as we may have donors who can help cover the cost. In your email, please let us know:

  • How many signs, and 1-sided or 2-sided
  • Do you want yard stakes?
  • Your address
  • Whether you’ll pay with Paypal (preferred) or cash or check

*We don’t ship signs to other cities, but if you’re interested in customizing one for a campaign in your city, we can put you in touch with our graphic artist.

Email us to order your sign. Let’s get the message out!

You can also click this image for an 8 1/2 x 11″ PDF to print at home–portable half-sheets you can hand out to neighbors.


Spread the Word

Talk to your local friends and neighbors. Ask them to help restore peace and cleaner air to the neighborhood. They can ask their landscaper to stop using leaf blowers and they can join our campaign.

It’s easy–copy this link to this site, then send it to your local friends and share it through your social media:

Write a letter to the editor

Letters to the editor and op-eds are a great way to reach other residents directly, encouraging them to join the campaign and/or reach out to city council. And council members read these columns to feel the pulse of the city. Including a personal story about the cost of leaf blowers to you or your family can be a good hook. And mentioning C.H.A.S.E., with the URL, will help grow the campaign.

Good Times

“Send letters to: Letters@GoodTimes.SC. Letters should be originals—not copies of letters sent to other publications. Please include your name and email address to help us verify your submission (email address will not be published). Please be brief. Letters may be edited for length, clarity and to correct factual inaccuracies known to us.”

Santa Cruz Sentinel

“Please submit your letter to the editor (150 words maximum) to with:
First and last name, Phone number, Address, Article headline you’re replying to or subject of your letter, and Letter text, not to exceed 150 words. We cannot print all letters, but endeavor to put in as many as fit in print. We do not accept anonymous letters. Letter-writers should include their full name, as well as a street address and telephone number. We don’t publish those details in the newspaper, but need the information for verification purposes.”

Or submit an op-ed, 650 words max, to

Santa Cruz Local

“Send us a 150-word letters to the editor to Better yet, email us an audio letter to the editor. Record a 20-second voice memo on an app on your phone, and email it to us at the same address.”