Yard Signs on the Way, Help Get the Word Out!

A big welcome to all the new residents who have signed up to support this cause. We know the proportion of people who want action on this is overwhelming, but it’s only when people step forward and demand change that we will see that change, and bring peace and cleaner air to Santa Cruz.

So it’s super important that neighbors and council members see our numbers. We’ll be ordering awesome new yard signs in just a few days, so if you haven’t already–reserve yours now!

When these pop up all over town, it will show our numbers, and let homeowners and property managers who hire landscapers know that their neighbors bear the impact of their landscapers’ use of leaf blowers–in harmful air, widely dispersed dust and particulates, and constant noise–and, we hope, gently nudge them to voluntarily switch to greener, cleaner tools.

CHASE yard sign
artist: Carolyn Ramos

If you’d like a sign to display in your yard or window, please let us know. Please also let us know if you’re involved with a local business, school, or other organization that would be willing to put a sign in a visible place. There’s a suggested donation of $12 to cover the cost, but for anyone who will post a sign but can’t afford one right now, let us know as we may have donors who will help cover the cost.

In your email, please let us know:

  • How many signs, and 1-sided (great for windows) or 2-sided
  • Do you want yard stakes
  • Your address
  • Whether you’ll pay with Paypal (preferred) or cash or check

Email us asap to order your sign. Let’s get the message out!

Other ways to spread the word:


You can download half-page flyers to hand out around your neighborhood


If you are on NextDoor, you can also show your support through comments and likes on related posts like this one–another way the city council can see our numbers!